Deere Combine Lincoln Quicklub for John Deere 60 STS
Available exclusively from John Deere dealers. Designed and field tested/proven with John Deere engineering and marketing management.

The kits are complete, consisting of a system supply pump with 2-liter reservoir and timer. One primary and four secondary SSV divider valves, (all preassembled), are used to displace specific amounts of grease. Hose and tubing is prefilled with grease, all required fittings, mounting brackets and hardware and a detailed step-by-step installation and service support manual is included.

Installation can be easily done by dealer personnel or the owner of the combine.

Use this link to access a form and request that someone contact to purchase of a system. We will alert a John Deere dealer in your area and make sure they have all the information they need to assist you.

Autolube Flyer
- Information overview on automatic lubrication systems for John Deere combines.

More Information - Farmers and Dealers, please use this form to email us for more information. If you like, you can also call us at (314) 679-4242.

Deere Service and Support Manual - Full installation and operation information for an automatic lubrication system on 2007 Deere 60 Series Combines.

Quicklub 203 Pump - A detailed technical service page for the Lincoln Quicklub 203 pump.

SSV Divider Valves - A detailed technical service page for Lincoln Quicklub SSV Divider Valves.

Additional Applications:

HAY BALERS - Lincoln Multi-Lubers are available as a factory-fit option on model 348T John Deere Hay Balers


4920 Sprayer Flyer - Automated lubrication system overview information for a John Deere 4920 Sprayer.

4920 Sprayer Manual - Automated lubrication system installation/operator instructions for a John Deere 4920 Sprayer.

Find Your Local Deere Pro - Use this link to the John Deere site to find the dealer nearest you.




Customer Testimonial

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